About Me

I’m Terri, aka A Girl in the South. I’m a single mom of one child, the weeone, living in Houston, Texas. I love six things about life –

1- Family
2 – Friends
3 – Sassy Shoes
4 – Baseball
5 – Laughing out loud
6 – Good, Good-for-you Food

A Girl in the South is where I talk mostly about #6. I won’t lie, I’ll mix in a little of everything, but here is where I share what I cook, what I love to eat, and how I approach food. I hope you join me on my quest to eat good food while doing right by my body.

I promise I’ll be having fun along the way, and I hope you do too!


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    Tracey, AKA funniegrrl
    April 13, 2012

    Hi Terri —

    I found out from my blog stats that someone visited my blog from yours. I didn’t know you linked to me! The blog’s been dormant for a while, but I’ve started it up again. Hope you get to blogging again soon, too.

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    Cherry Bells
    October 22, 2016

    Hi. You’re the girl from the South and I’m a South Girl.
    I’m also a single mom with 2 kids, both girls.

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