You Asked, AGirlintheSouth Answered: The June 2013 Edition

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Once a month I’m going to collect all of the questions I’ve been asked over the previous 30 days and answer them. Most of the time the questions you all ask are food or cooking related, but I’ll entertain the possibility of other questions as well. I hope you find this helpful and enjoyable – ready? Here we go….

1. How do you get the weeone to try so many different foods? ( from Cynthia)
So this is a pretty hot topic. Parents all over the place try to get their kids to eat something other than chicken nuggets, Cheetos and fruit snacks each day. As our society starts to embrace holistic healthy foods again, the pressure on parents to live up to that is intense. First, know that there’s no right or wrong. You should feed your family in a manner that works best for YOUR family, not mine. Second, I wrote a post called “Picky Eaters Beware” a while back about how I have raised the weeone around food. Feel free to read it and take what works for you. Third, never, ever, ever give up. Kids tastes buds change like crazy. They like strawberries one day and hate them the next, so just keep trying!


2. Are there any foods you will not eat? (from Allen)
YES! I’m not a fan of veal (shocking for an Italian chick, right?), nor do I love liver (blame my mother and the liver and onions I was forced to eat as a child). Other than that, I don’t care for mushrooms or lima beans although I will eat them if served them at someone’s home. I generally prefer mild fish and only really love salmon if it’s smoked.  I believe crunchy peanut butter is just all sorts of wrong. Seriously, do you eat any other “butter” that is crunchy? Other than that, anything is fair game. I’ve tried a myriad of foods that would make people cringe, some I liked more than others, but in terms of things you encounter in every day America? I’m pretty easy to please.

3. Do you precook lasagna noodles or buy no cook? (From Alicia)
I don’t make lasagna that often believe it or not and I’ve done it both ways, but my preference is to precook noodles. I don’t like the idea of not being able to truly control how soft or hard the pasta will be in the final dish. It’s a step that adds about 10 minutes so it’s not a huge time hog either.

Making Popeye proud...

4. What is your favorite cheese? On its own, and to cook with? (From Share the Bottle)
I cook with parmesan more than any other cheese probably simply because of the quantity of Italian foods I make, but my favorite cheese is Blue Cheese. I HATED it as a child, but as an adult? love, love love. I can’t get enough of it – in salads, stuffed or on a burger, atop pear slices drizzled with honey or just on crackers or bread with a glass of wine. I must admit to also loving to cook with feta. I probably like that one so much because I often pair it in a dish that contains tomatoes and shrimp and they just a blend so well. I live near a great cheese shop, Houston Dairymaids, and have become spoiled to really fine cheese of late. 

Fall...My favoritest time of the year!

5. How many times a week do you go to the grocery store? (from Amy)
So here’s a little factoid about me- I hate going to the grocery store. It may be because I hate the crowds. I think if you let me loose in a good grocery store with only 10 other people, I’d be just fine, but the crowds make me crazy. I do a big shopping trip about once every 10 days and then usually at least once a week I need to pop back into the store for a quick 2 or 3 item grab. So not terribly often.

And last, but not least…

6. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop? (from Tim)
Three, Tim…and no one likes a smart owl.


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  1. Laura
    August 11, 2013

    This was wonderful. Loved it. And we agree about a lot for the dislikes. I also dislike veal, hate liver, don’t like salmon and think crunchy PB is an abomination. But if you ever visit you might get served mushrooms! 😉

    • Terri
      August 13, 2013

      I will eat mushrooms that are IN something and I actually like how they flavor things. I think it’s a texture/fungus hang up.

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