Next Week’s Menu and Why You’re a Dastardly Crew

Menus | September 9, 2011 | By

So the poll closed. Remember how I said I’d cook THREE things you guys decided? Well, there’s a clear #1 and then a 3-way tie for #2. Dastardly, I say. You all planned this didn’t you? You wanted FOUR new meals next week.

I think one or more of you is hoping you’ll be invited to dinner and so tried to overcommit me. I see right through what you’re doing. Yep.

Thanks for taking the time to vote and help me decide what we’re cooking. Here’s the winning FOUR –

#1 – 19.8% of the vote – Grilled Garlic-Lime Fish Tacos
#2 – 13.21% of the vote – Chile-Spiced Steak and Grilled Onion Tacos
#2 – 13.21% of the vote – Shrimp Rolls with Smoked Paprika Remoulade
#2 – 13.21 % of the vote – Slow Cooker Brisket and Onions

If your favorite didn’t make the cut this week, never fear, that recipe is still in my “to try” pile. Not to mention, you’re in good company. The weeone is vastly disappointed that you all didn’t jump on the “meatball pizza” bandwagon. I, on the other hand, thank you all!

We’ll start cooking this weekend, so tune in to see how your fave turns out!

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