A Food Trend I Can Get My Mouth Around: Sliders

I generally don’t jump at all the latest and greatest food trends. I like my food simple. I like my food traditional. I like my food, well, understated I guess you could say. I don’t need a 20 ingredient list to make a meal. I want to taste everything that’s in there.

So, when I find a food trend I like, I embrace it wholeheartedly. Sliders are one of those trends for me. It’s just a burger….but wee. Seeing as I’m a fan of the weeone, and she’s a person, but wee, it makes sense I would be a fan of sliders. And I am. *Of course that’s convoluted thinking. It’s me we’re talking about!

I eat sliders out, but hadn’t made them at home. It wasn’t for any particular reason other than just not getting around to it. But tonight was slider night. A package of white dinner rolls from the grocery store. A pound of ground beef season with sea salt and pepper and I had 8 tiny burgers ready to throw on the grill.

One of my favorite parts about sliders is how quickly they cook! But while these were cooking I decided to make my own olive tempanade to top them. I don’t have any sort of recipe I followed, but diced black olives, some capers and mixed them. To that I added some anchovy paste, minced garlic, a tad of olive oil and some lemon juice. Voila!

Once the sliders were ready to go, mine were topped with feta and the tempanade. Outstanding flavor combination, super simple and fast. Nothing better than that for a Tuesday night dinner!

For those who are wondering, althought she tasted the tempanade and loved it – the weeone had ketchup and sharp cheddar on her sliders. ;D She is 9 after all.

There is just something fun about sliders. And there are endless possibilities of what you can top them with, so they never get old.

  1. SarahD
    August 30, 2011

    The olive goodness looks divine! I’m going to have to try that one.

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