Fruit and Veggies and Flowers, Oh my!

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There’s something about a produce market that makes me feel all earth-mothery and cool. I don’t know why that is since I am neither earth-mothery nor cool.
But I like this produce market near my house. It’s a store, sort of, in the front and behind the building with employees and cash registers are rows and rows of people selling produce. It’s all sorts of produce and some of it is fantastic and some of it is probably imported from China, but its’ so fun to hang out there…to negotiate a price….to find the produce you’ll make dinner with tonight….and to people watch. I love it. So, a couple of weeks ago, Staci and I grabbed our cameras and headed out to snap photos…and buy snap beans.
There were lots of gourds and pumpkins….indicative that fall is here despite the raging summer temps in our neck of the woods.
Not only were there traditional orange pumpkins but the great curvy FairyTale Pumpkins that I love so….
The people are so great to watch here. There are whole families manning a booth. They start their day at 6 am and go until dark – 7 days a week!
When I saw this display of tomatoes my first thought was, “Oh! Fried green tomatoes!!!”. My second thought? “One of these things is not like the others! One of these things just isn’t the same.”
Grapes are a staple in my house. It’s like toilet paper…you buy them every week. =)
The people who work these booths are expert merchandisers….doesn’t this bucket of bananas just scream sunflower to you?!?!? Take that students at FIDM!!!
As we walked through the “store” at the front of the property I couldn’t help but giggle when I noticed that iceberg lettuce and tomatoes shared a table. It was like a little wedge salad jumping out at me!
I really do love the produce market. It’s a great place to walk, learn ( I ate some new fruit on this trip that I didn’t like, but I tried!), imagine, and find good fresh pinto beans!!!

  1. Chris
    October 19, 2009

    What produce market was this?

  2. Terri
    October 19, 2009

    Hi Chris. These were taken mostly in the stands behind Canino's off of Airline, just inside the North Loop in Houston.

  3. Denise
    October 22, 2009

    Your photos – and the market itself – are simply beautiful. You are fortunate to it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Megan
    October 24, 2009

    Yet another thing we have in common twinkie. I love the Fuji apple sign. $.98, lowest price in USA.

  5. Terri
    October 25, 2009

    Megan – you should join us the next time we go – we have a blast there!

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