I interrupt these 30 days….to talk about Twitter.

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Do you tweet? or twit? or whatever? I was completely intimidated by twitter. It was so odd. What was the point of updating people of what I was doing every moment of the day? Then, I found that people say some pretty darn funny and entertaining things on twitter. And people say some pretty darn dumb and still funny things on twitter. So I decided to give it a whirl.

What have I found? It’s entertaining. When I have a moment or some down time I check and see what the world is up to. I might find Caroline is standing on her head at the beach or that Ree is making Strawberry Jam or that Jennifer is stressing out over her schedule. Sometimes they have a great deal they’ve found that they share or a link to an interesting article or the like. You can even post a photo! Sometimes….it’s a waste of time. But sometimes….it’s pure genius.
And so, I tweet…or twit…or whatever.
You can follow A Girl in the South on twitter – or you can read the twitter updates over there —–> in the sidebar. Choice, it’s what’s good about America. Let’s keep it that way. =)

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