But I don’t wanna!

Uncategorized | May 24, 2009 | By

I have lost my desire to cook lately. The weeone and I have been subsisting on easy to prep food at home or take out food lately. I know, I know…home cooked food is better for us, less fattening, and cheaper. But I just don’t wanna. I just don’t feel like cooking. I just don’t.

Do you ever get like this? It happens every now and then for me. Usually it’s when I’m worn out – too tired. I think the fact that we’ve been running crazy for a couple of months is just catching up with me. Between finishing school, craziness at work, the temps in Houston rising, and softball season the weeone and I are both just wrecked. We’re just exhausted.

When you’re so tired and can’t quite find the inspiration to cook – what do you do?

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